About Marieavox: I am: A visionary, Seer, Mystic, Prophet, Dreamer; Gifted with the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. There are many names for what I am. But having dealt with "this situation” all my life, I have had to search for what exactly “it” was. All those titles and names I listed above fit what I have experienced all my life. But I can’t use those titles; they feel wrong because people have made them have other meanings then what had been intended. So I use my own title, I am a simple Knight who has made a Vow of Fealty to God the Father who is King of Both the Seen and Unseen. I believe that the Times we are living in now are those that have been prophesied and predicted. Seen through the histories, both Spiritual and Physical (Which is scientific) the Times have come and as it is said “There will come those who are sent to warn and lead out to safety those who would hear their voice.” I am of those voices, a Pillar of Light in the Growing Darkness for those who Seek God; The Remnant. But I hear you tell me “But it is also said that many will come to lead Us astray!” My Proof? Let their Deeds and Words be measured by the Word of God. This alone will be my judge. My deeds and words shall never go against the Truth of God that has not been spoiled by men’s ways. Men’s ways? Men cannot accept anything new that is not attached to something old they already hold. I do not condemn anything here I simply state that to See “The Truth of God” one must be able to shed anything that men themselves attached to God. I have been shown much; been torn apart and remade anew in that knowledge. I am to never write what I have been told. There are doors left open for those who need to “know”. I am not prohibited from answering a question put directly to me that God wants answered. Remember an answer is only as good as the Question asked and the heart in which it is requested.